We are moving closer and closer to the final redemption, the complete transformation of darkness to light. We benefit from all the work and devotion of previous generations, from all the learning Torah, performance of mitzvot, and acts of goodness and kindness. These all drew supernal light down into this world, purifying and elevating physicality so it should be a perfect vessel for the greater and greater infinite light.

It is not surprising that with more G‑dly light in our world, we can see more clearly. As a result, we notice even more within ourselves or within our world—that which is still dark and needs more light. We see clearly those areas that need swift action to fix the underlying problem.

We should not be discouraged, though, and focus only on that small bit of well-defined darkness. To the contrary, these parts may look so dark because with greater light, even a shadow of a shadow will be seen clearly and look dark.

So, let’s push on with our good work, with even more enthusiasm and vigor, remembering that light is more powerful than darkness, and that G‑d will help us clean things up swiftly.

Source: Tanya, Likutei Amarim ch. 37