Today, we went on a family day trip. On paper, everything looked good. A beautiful day, a nice destination and good company. My mindset, though, was completely different. Less than positive, to say the least.

As we drove across the West Gate Bridge, I decidedI was struck like a physical jolt to follow the Alter Rebbe’s advice in Tanya—that light is more powerful than darkness.

Almost immediately, I was struck like a physical jolt with the following sequence of thoughts. What would be different right now if this was truly that time of redemption? The day, the trip, the company, I imagined, would all be the same. I would choose all these things in a perfect world.

What would be different would be what was going on in my head. I would not be reflecting on the previous day, month or year’s resentments. I would not be feeling stressed about the work I had to do in the next few days. I would be fully and optimistically present in the moment.

Hang on! I have control over this.

Five minutes later, after a quick change of mindset, I am interacting with my husband, enjoying some lively Jewish music and feeling grateful for the wisdom of Chassidic teachings.

Later, I reflect that my private act of switching thoughts also has cosmic significance. It not only pushed away darkness in my inner world but in all spiritual worlds, higher and lower, with the potential to precipitate the whole turnover of our world to good—or at the very least, to draw this moment closer.

Sources: Likutei Amarim Tanya, Chapters 26 and 27.