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Purim & Adar

The Most Joyous Month

Take a Page From Queen Esther’s Playbook
Anything negative and unbalanced that controls our actions doesn’t come from a good place; it destroys us. Any fears that paralyze us pulls us down. But when we do the opposite, miracles happen. Salvation happens.
Who Runs the World?
G-d hardwired us to see our lives as mundane and contained within the so-called laws of nature, so that we are compelled to search Him out and find purpose, even where it seems there is none, within our personal life journey.
What a Pregnant Woman and a Pregnant Year Have in Common
In Hebrew, the term for leap year is shanah me’uberet, which literally means “pregnant year.” It’s not just a coincidence that a shanah me’uberet has two months of increased joy. Because in order to experience joy, we need to learn the lesson of a pregnant woman—the lesson of “just” being and accepting your limitations.
When Joy Will Become Our Currency
Do you know what genuine joy is? Can you describe perfect joy?
Don’t Belittle the Challenges of Life’s Ups and Downs
Accept your emotions instead of fighting them or ignoring them. Instead of trying to dismiss the challenge, nurture yourself, treat yourself and get help as you go through the process. Do whatever you can to make it easier, but don’t deny the difficulty or the challenge.
How I Was Unknowingly Named for My Crypto-Jewish Ancestress
What’s in a name? The Torah answers this question long before Shakespeare asks it.
Behind the Mask of ‘Perfection’
Why does everything look so much easier for everyone else?
The Gilded Cage
On the surface the book of Esther reads as a fable of sorts, filled with drama, suspense and a happy ending. However, keeping in mind that it was written under the rulership and scrutiny of the Persian king, care had to be taken to tell the story without offending sensibilities. A secret tradition passed down orally tells the real story.
Dancing With the (Torah) Stars
I find that my new boogeying and dancing career is helping me inch closer to my own inner redemption.
Why We Wear Costumes on Purim
Is this what Purim is all about—pretending to be something or someone you are not?
Miracles in the Costume Store
I loved having young children, but I don't miss having to dress them up for Purim.
Esther: Paradigm of Self-Sacrifice
Let’s take a step back and look at the context of the Purim story.
Angels or Clowns?
A surprising view of holiness
How is Yom Kippur like Purim in any way, shape or form, besides the fact that they’re both Jewish holidays?
Revealing Ourselves
Time has since passed, and so too has my incessant urge to play dress-up on a daily basis. Yet, once in a while, that little girl emerges.
Reuse, Recycle, but Don't Reduce!
A Mishloach Manot Tale
Taking a cue from the Rebbe, who always stressed the importance of reaching out to every Jew everywhere, we decide to share the wealth!
The True Nature of Laughter
Laughter comes from the revelation that in a split second, our situation can change.
Esther: Hidden Beauty
The modern day concept is “if you got it, flaunt it.” Show the world what you have to offer, be out there, be public, the more the better. It just isn’t so exciting to be the heroine behind the scenes . . .
Revealing Your Mission
A Purim Insight
Now, thank G‑d, three children later, my perspective is obviously so different than what it was when I felt that longing, that wanting, those irrational feelings of guilt. But when a woman comes to me for a treatment, I always make myself remember. I look at her in the eyes. I see the person before me, and I try to see the whole picture . . .
Scuba Diving Lessons
Acessing Adar’s Depths
Scuba diving teaches us a crucial level of faith. It’s not the faith that we won’t ever fall. It’s not the belief that it will never be dark or confusing. It’s the trust that G‑d is equipping us with tools that work . . .
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