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The Month of Tevet

Textbooks Make Mistakes, but This Book Doesn’t
They say that seeing is believing, but the way that information is changed and manipulated with a few clicks makes even seeing difficult to believe.
Books That Speak
The 5th of Tevet
My husband, Asher, is a bibliomaniac. Yes, it is a real word. Just look it up in the dictionary. As Webster writes, it is “one who has a mania for books.” When we were dating, he tried to warn me, but I had no idea what he meant . . .
Partying With the King
The 10th of Tevet
For last year’s “holiday” party, I offered to contribute something kosher, seasonally appropriate, and a little bit different from what they’re used to . . .
When I Am Besieged With Insecurity . . .
We don’t do anything wrong, but we worry, we’re afraid, we’re anxious—and that in itself holds us prisoner and holds us back. What’s our mission?
The Month of Tevet and Practical Steps to Dealing With Anger
Feelings of jealousy and anger are indicators of a need for greater connection with ourselves and G‑d.
Keeping the Doors of Communication Open With Your Children and With G-d
In order for me to transmit anything to my children, I need communication. In order to maintain a loving relationship, I need understanding. That means for me, at least, I must always make it clear that the doors of language remain wide open.
Tevet 5: Books With Souls
The Sefarim Victory on Tevet 5, 5747 (1987)
The real completion of a Sefer Torah (Torah scroll) --the Rebbe said--is in the sefarim, the printed Torah books --such as the ones returned to us on the 5th of Tevet
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