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The Month of MarCheshvan

Finding G-d in the Mundane: Meditations for the Month of Cheshvan
Why was Noah so resistant to leaving the ark?
Why This Is Not Going to Break You, but Make You!
Within this month exists the potential for bountiful blessings.
Crying Out to Momma
The call comes from a baby. The call comes from a small child. The call continues to come, doesn’t it? Even into adulthood and beyond.
Why Jewish Women Will Bring Moshiach
As human beings, we have compassion and can be empathic. We see someone in pain and want to help. But only very few righteous and holy people are at the level where they would be willing, if they could, to take away that pain and feel it themselves. Yet this is how a mother (or father) feels any time her child is hurt.
Back to Normal: The Month of MarCheshvan
In contrast to such a luminous month, Tishrei is followed by the month of Cheshvan, a month where the soul feels like it is permanently seeing behind darkened sunglasses. How should the soul cope with the grind of daily life, without the spiritual heights and inspiration of the holiday season?
Appreciating the Month of Cheshvan
Over the years, the ability to stop doing and to be has seeped into my consciousness enough that, while I may be feeling very driven and enthusiastic about an important project, I am able to stop myself and go into “being mode”...
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