When I was a child, we used to play with a strip of paper, twist it, then join the ends and draw a line through the center of the strip, which never ended, front and back meeting in perplexing continuity. In mathematics, it is called a Mobius strip.

I had that image in mind when I learned about the profound Kabbalistic concept of the end being wedged in the beginning, and the beginning in the end.1

Our sages tell us that the world is so close now to the final redemption—to the complete transformation of darkness to light—that our courageous and uplifting response to what seems like an overwhelming series of moments of darkness, constraint, and confusion may well be what triggers the turnover.

We don’t know which moment this will be. In fact, it could be the moment we’re experiencing right now that will prove the end of negativity and the beginning of a new world of positivity. And we can be the agent for such change.