Built into the nature of the world are two distinct, but interrelated ways of being.

The first is a way of being where creation comes down into this world from Above in a chain-like cycle of descent, governed by the rules of nature, and the cycles of growth and decay.

The other is a miraculous level of existence where creation is brought into being anew at every moment, where transformation can happen in the flicker of an eye, where nothing is fixed and unrelenting, and all is moving towards greater good at every moment.

We humans span both levels of existence. No wonder that we can feel perplexed or harbor contradictory urges and emotions when our bodies represent the essence of physicality, and our souls the essence of what is beyond physicality.

Both are true, but the first cannot truly constrain us. It exists to draw and hold the infinite in a perfect match in this physical world.

Our mission is to weave both into perfect unity through our joyful performance of acts of goodness and kindness, and mitzvot—guided by our learning of Torah, and resulting in the greatest unity and harmony of the physical and the spiritual.

Sources: Based on Tanya, Part 2, Shaar Hayichud Vehaemunah; Tanya, Likkutei Amarim, Chapter 33.