What if we are tired, yet so want to value and make every moment count? What if we want to use every moment to bring the redemption of the world closer, even though we are emotionally and physically exhausted?

Perhaps we don’t always have to push ourselvesPerhaps we don’t always have to push ourselves quite so much quite so much. After all, ebb and flow is part of the world our Creator set up for us, physically and spiritually. We breathe in and out; the heart receives blood, then contracts and pumps. We work by day, sleep by night, and there is a spiritual concept of ratzo v’shuv, which means our souls yearn and cleave to their Source, then return down to their job in this world in a constant cycle of yearning and returning, yet connected all the time.

Allowing ourselves time to receive—to connect quietly with the deepest part of ourselves, our Creator, our family, friends and community, to recharge for the task ahead. This will pave the way to the Redemption, with the fundamental values of peace, tranquility and compassion expressed in a settled world.