Most of the favors we do for others are things they do not need, things they only imagine they need, because they live in a world propelled by fantasies.

And most of the kindness we do is saturated with ulterior motives. We do kindness for those we love, those close to us, or those who make us feel good when they receive.

But this does not matter. They are acts of kindness, nonetheless, and G‑d desires to be found in acts of kindness. And where can kindness be performed? In a world of delusions, where people imagine all sorts of needs and each of us is dependent on the other.

The highest, indeed, is found in the lowest; the deepest truths are submerged in the muddiest pits of confusion.

Reshimat Nefesh Hashefalah, cited and elucidated in Likkutei Sichot, volume 16, pp. 41ff.