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Wonders Everywhere

Beyond Intelligent Design
From the book, Wisdom To Heal the Earth.
We dwell within a living work of art, perhaps a symphony, or perhaps a dance, of uncountable parts. If we look with open eyes, we will discover the signature of an unknowable Creator within the knowable patterns of nature.
There are miracles so great, we cannot perceive them. They are happening in your life, now.
The smaller the miracle, the greater the wonder.
The philosopher, when he sees a miracle, looks for a natural explanation. The Jew, when he sees nature, looks for the miracle.
What is a leaf? Infinity compressed within a finite creation.
Existence is greater than any miracle. There is no reason that there should be anything at all.
The laws of nature are a symphony. A miracle is when the Conductor bares His hands.
Listen carefully to the world about you. G-d is speaking.
Our lives sit nestled in a pocket of natural events, sewn with the thread of outrageous miracles.
Wonder is our parent and we are its child.
Ultimately, nothing can be understood. But we strive to understand. It is called wonder.
The first step to finding meaning is to see beyond the material world.
Some events are so real, they never cease to occur, year after year, on the same day each year.
That a single Jew exists today, that is the greatest of miracles.
Paradox is our window upon the beauty of the Unknowable.
A miracle is a hug from beyond. Open your heart, open your mind, and welcome the embrace.
That which can be grasped will change. That which does not change cannot be grasped.
He has made our world wondrous, so that it has room for Him
We swim within an unfathomable ocean of wonders. Infinite wisdom.
The Creator delights in each living being. And that is its life.
Make the world interesting. Do something wondrous.
This is prayer: We talk to the Infinite and say, "You"
Live a supernatural life, and G‑d will fill in the miracles.
The more nature explains itself, the more mysterious it becomes.