What is natural law? Natural law is when the Director directs each of His actors according to its character. Wondrous, but sensible. G‑d has endless wisdom.

What are miracles? Miracles are when the Director directs His actors unrestrained by the character He has assigned each one. Amazing, but why not? G‑d is free to do as He wants.

Then there are the greatest of miracles: When the Director directs the show entirely contrary to the character of His actors, while directing each actor according to its character. The impossible occurs in a seemlessly natural way.

There is no room in our minds for such miracles. They are a perfect paradox—freedom and wisdom, chaos and order in perfect harmony. And therefore, we rarely can admit that they have occurred.

But go beyond your nature to fulfill your mission in life and you will ride the waves of such miracles, and the entire world will see with open eyes.