Out In the World

The Value of Doing Business
How making money can fix the world
A human being is a creature that looks at what is and sees the value of what could be. But how does this creature know? And from where does this new value come?
Your Universe and Your Mission
Whether you know of it or not, there is always a purpose—and a very specific purpose—to whatever enters your world at the time that it enters.
Business Transformation
The first question the heavenly court asks upon your return home: “Did you do business with integrity?” For that is when you truly fixed up this world.
Joseph's Bookkeeping
Greater than beyond, is beyond and within.
Working Lessons
All the world is a classroom. Each thing you must do is a lesson.
Financial Planning
Determine how much you need. Create a vessel to receive it. Pray for rain.
Worldly Occupation
Every penny you make is manna from heaven.
The flow of life is in your hands. Bring good and light into the world.
The meaning of our lives is too great for us to fathom. We can only do what we see needs to be done.
Our first task in life is as student and teacher.
We are not the captains of our lives alone. Sometimes we must loosen our grasp on its steering wheel.
Your work and your time for study, contemplation and prayer need one another.
Your material world is G-d's department. Your spiritual world is yours.
Your best friends are those mitzvahs you stood for in their time of need.
Miraculous Obstacles
Obstacles are miracles waiting to happen.
Ancient man looked up to the stars, modern man down to the headlines. Both are fools.
Torah enables a spiritual person to engage the world and find there all for which the soul thirsts.
If we have the capacity to wreck our environment, we certainly are capable of improving upon it.
The Land of Israel is proof that G-d is found on earth as in the heavens.
Community: a harmony of unique individuals.
The physical world has a soul made of mitzvahs.
The world does not belong to us. But it’s in our hands.
When the earth keeps shifting beneath your feet, you discover the truth that stands firm.
The Source
The values essential to humanity’s survival rely on an understanding that we did not create this universe.
The Creator is a micromanager of opportunities.
At every turn, another opportunity to heal the world.