Joseph, the kabbalists teach us, was a soul from the World of Atzilut—a divine world of pure light entirely beyond any physical or spiritual reality. A world entirely one with the Infinite Light from whom it emanated.

Even as he lived within a body like everyone else, the light of his soul shone with such intensity, the entire world faded into insignificance before him.

And yet, Joseph balanced his accounts and ran a business!

“There came a day, and Joseph went to do his work . . .”
Genesis 39:11

Joseph went to review his accounting books.
Targum Onkelos

It is one thing to be beyond the world. To be so far beyond and yet fully engaged within it—that is something absolutely wondrous!

But then, if you are connected to the One who is the essence of all things, then, just as He is both within and beyond at once, so too will you transcend all boundaries.

Wherever you are, you will have no fear, doing that which is needed of you in that place, always connected above.

Maamar V’Niglah K’vod Havayah 5715.