G‑d is with me among my helpers.
Psalms 118:7

Your best friends are those who are at your side in time of distress.

And why are they there? Because you are at their side at the time of their distress.

Sometimes your charitable donations are seriously threatened. You might be short on funds, or the market might be unstable. Yet, nevertheless, you still provide with a full and generous hand.

You have stood by a good friend at an hour of distress. A friend called charity.

Sometimes, your fixed time for Torah study is under existential threat. You might be running off to business, chasing another client—and instead you stick it out to the end.

You have stood by a good friend at a threatening hour. A friend called Torah.

Without a doubt, such dear friends will not leave your dedication unrequited. When you will need them, they will come running.

12 Tammuz 5725, sicha 6.