Healing the Cosmos

The Fallen Sparks of Tohu
The universe began with an explosion and we are putting back together the fragments.
The very core of reality is G-d’s shattered dream, waiting for us to pick up the pieces.
To create is to reveal the parts from the whole. To heal is to reveal the wholeness in the shattered parts.
Only one thing can put you further ahead than success, and that is failure.
Struggling to put the shattered pieces of our lives back together, we discover G-d hidden inside.
Only a human heart can be broken and whole at once.
You were made to make the impossible a reality.
The most constructive change comes from that part of us most capable of destruction.
Gifted souls shine their light from Above. Challenged souls meet the enemy on its own ground. Any real change in this world is the work of those who face challenge.
G-d breathed Himself into a creature who cries and laughs and dances and bleeds; who fails more often than he succeeds; who chases after fleeting moments and is torn by figments of his own mind. He desired to live in the world of such a being, and from within that place He will come to know His self that cannot be known.
Failure is wasted if you return only to the place from where you fell. If your plans fail, think bigger, aim higher.
If sin is the bite of the snake, then despair is its venom. The bite hurts. The venom kills.
Anxiety is a symptom of an outer life that does not fit your inner self.
When worry calls, tell it to make an appointment.
G-d can only carry you as close as your trust in Him allows.
The words of the intellectuals are crystals of ice. The words of the sages are coals of fire.
Nothing can hold you back—not your childhood, not the history of a lifetime. If the past was a ring of futility, let it become a wheel of yearning that drives you forward. If it was a brick wall, let it become a dam to unleash your power
Not a moment of life can exist without a spark of truth throbbing somewhere within.
There are two types of events in life: Good and very good. Sweet and bitter-sweet. Sweet, because from each event in life we grow. Bittersweet, because it is so painful to tear ourselves away from who we once were.
If the darkness inside you never comes out to fight, how will it ever be conquered?
The greatest blessings can only enter in disguise.
Trust in G-d and your blessings will discard their scary disguises.
Think good thoughts. Do good things. Everything else about you will change. It's that simple.
What is stopping you? Turn over the whole world now!!

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