Beyond Knowing

Getting Past the Mind
In this swamp of confusion, darkness becomes evil, for it entraps the light. When we tug to fissure their bond, an iron resistance opposes us. In the final release, a burst of energy shakes the cosmos....
Today you will break through the darkness, and a burst of nuclear energy will shake your world.
Jailbreak the cell of “I am this.”
Do good as though you are not there.
We left Egypt because we never made peace with being slaves.
Leave your capsule. Enter outer space. Experience yourself as others do.
The highest points are not when you see truth, but when you do truth.
Ponder. Question. Ponder again. But believe in something and get it done!
Our brains can orbit about the truth forever, but they need feet to land.
We grow when we remember we are not who we were yesterday.
You can think whatever you want to think about. And there lies your freedom and greatest power.
Let your mind teach your heart to be a mindful heart.
The mind cannot contain G‑d, but deep inside the heart there is a place for Him.
Still and quiet, the heart hears that which the mind can never know.
Nothing can stand in the way of a mind and heart in harmonious marriage.
More than in inspiring thoughts, G‑d is found in inspired deeds.
A spark of the divine slumbers within each of us, waiting for us to fan its embers.
Be a mentsch to yourself as well.
Do it anyway. Deep inside, there’s a part of you that really means it.
Put aside your own interests, resolve to do what is right, and let heaven guide you.
A simple good deed can carry the mind to a place it could never reach on its own.
To live with the truth, you must be a fool. Because the truth is infinite, and before the infinite we are all fools.
Life’s meaning is best found when you’re living it.