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Deep Trust

Trust in the One Above and be protected by His embrace.
Cleave to the Source of Life and your heart will have no room for fear of this world.
Worry is humiliating. Stand tall and trust in the One Above.
Whatever you do, do it well. The rest, leave up to G-d.
Make yourself small and discover your greatness.
Abandon fear. Embrace love. Put your trust in the One Above.
Where there is love, there is trust. G-d is love.
Look up with a smile. He will smile back at you.
The heavens above mirror the earth below. Trust in Him and He will fulfill your trust.
As large as your trust will be, so will be the space He will fill.
Trust is when you cleave so unshakably to the heavens, you pull them down to earth.
Stop suggesting to your Maker how to rescue you. Prepare for wonder.
Delusions of Anger
From Above pours down only love, an infinite love that neither subsides nor changes.
We are victims only as much as we fail to recognize our own power.
The dragon you must slay burns inside you.
The One who put you here put the brick wall there. And so, He must have provided a ladder.
G‑d has nowhere to hide, other than deep within you.
If it’s your business, trust in G-d. If it’s His business, He’s trusting in you.