I & Other

The Heresy of Kindness
They asked the Baal Shem Tov: "The Talmud tells us that for every thing G-d forbade, He provided us something permissible. What did He permit that corresponds to the sin of heresy?" Replied the Besht : "Acts of kindness"
As you measure others, so G-d measures you.
The universe is a story and each one of us is its hero.
To love is to sigh at another’s sorrow, to rejoice at another’s good fortune.
Fall in love and you can fall out of love. Create love and it will last forever.
Believe in the divine spark within you and you will find it in the other guy.
Kindness gives to another. Compassion knows no "other."
You, me and the other guy—we are all fragments of a shattered whole.
Inside two loud opinions is one quiet third voice.
Do yourself a favor. Help the guy you like least.
There is only one way to pull people closer, and that is with thick ropes of love.
If love was always reciprocated, it would never be unconditional.
No one listens to rebuke unless they believe that you love them.
The first step to changing anyone is to become their friend.
Words from the heart enter the heart.
Excuses are what you find for the other guy.
Liberate the world: Care for the other guy just because the other guy exists.
Where a man conquers, a woman nurtures.
Man and Woman
Together, a man and a woman form a single being.
A man tells you ideas. A woman tells you who you are.
Sometimes humility demands putting humility aside.
If you spoke and the words did not help, it was only with yourself that you spoke.
Your most heroic acts are those you never noticed.