Where the Essence Dwells

G‑d is not found due to the capacity of a place, but by His desire to be there. And where He desires most to be found is in the work of our hands, fixing up His world.
Ultimately, the purpose of all things is G‑d’s desire to dwell in the world in which you live.
If this world is here on purpose, the purpose is here now.
At every turn is another decision. G-d is asking your advice.
From within the human being, G‑d looks back upon Himself.
At the Essence there is nothing but the burning purpose of this moment now.
At the very core of all things lies the freedom to choose life.
In the destiny of each of G-d's creatures lies the destiny of the entire creation.
Every movement of every leaf blowing in every breeze is with divine purpose.
The Torah is a path of peace and pleasantness, bringing order to chaos,
Heaven is nice, but on the best things, earth has exclusive rights.
Live one life. Don't leave your soul at home.
Why do we call G-d the Infinite Light? Because no place is too small, no moment too insignificant, for the Infinite Light to belong.

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