There are so many amazing things that we take for granted—the regularity of our beating heart, the blood coursing through our veins, breathing in and out, having thoughts to express, a mouth to speak, people to connect with, in addition to the opportunity to connect with our Creator through Torah and mitzvot.

When we have time and emotional space to reflect on these things, our gratitude is immense. Yet it can be easily overpowered by our current circumstances or worries, even though on a balancing scale, the side of wonders, miracles and gratitude wins out.

At such times, rather than focusing solely on the area of lack or uncertainty or darkness, let’s focus on the natural wonders in every aspect of our lives and of the myriad opportunities for meaningful connection with others.

Then take it one step further—reach out to someone who through no fault of their own might not have the opportunity to connect to others in the natural way that you do. Invite them into your circles of connection and play your part in the evolving redemption.


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On the importance of connecting with each other: Likkutei Amarim Tanya, Chapter 32.