I feel it before every big event. I’m functioning on practically zero sleep, there’s a million details to take care of, and somehow, even with all the stress, I feel a surge of energy that keeps me going—an energy that I simply cannot muster up on an average Tuesday. It isn’t logical, but my adrenaline is triggered.

My soul also has an extra energy that under specific circumstances can be triggered and come to the surface.

What does this extra energy look like? It is the latent love of G‑d found in the soul of every Jew. Just as a flame tends to flicker—as if aiming to return to its core elemental root—the soul of a Jew “flickers,” itching to attach itself to its root, to G‑d.

So, why don’t we all feel this super love of G‑d? Because our ego gets in the way. And the thicker our sense of self, the dimmer our connection to this light in our soul. That’s why this spiritual energy can lie dormant, without an ability to be mobilized.

Until it feels threatened.

When a Jewish soul feels threatened that it will be disconnected from G‑d (such as when put to a test of faith with a rallying cry of “Convert or die!”), the spiritual adrenaline is activated. And suddenly, even a person who struggled to have access to this latent love of G‑d can access it in full measure. Just like adrenaline.

Tanya Bit: Lack of humility prevents me from feeling the true desire of my soul, which is to reconnect with my source: G‑d.

(Inspired from Chapter 19 of Tanya)

(Chapter 25 of Tanya will discuss ways around this and how to access the spiritual adrenaline even without being under fire. Stay tuned!)