Creation is a fascinating biblical story that took place thousands of years ago, and now, the world functions on its own. Sound right? G‑d uttered 10 sayings and poof! The world came into being and has been running independently ever since.

Not quite.

According to the teachings of Kabbalah, the same speech—or revelation of energy—that G‑d used to create the world is perpetually repeated in order for the world to remain in existence. In other words, G‑d is constantly recreating. Just like a frisbee can only remain airborne as long as there’s lift, creation only exists as long as G‑d is “speaking” it into creation.

Understanding the daily story of Genesis is key to understanding G‑d’s oneness, or what it means that “G‑d is everything.” Because every single thing is being kept alive by G‑d at every single moment, there is no existence independent of Him. While we may not be aware of it, we are united with G‑d at every moment.

When a human speaks, once the words leave the realm of thought, the words are an entity outside of himself or herself. However, when it comes to G‑d’s words—and by extension, the entire world—they are still a part of His existence. There is no place devoid of Him. Therefore, G‑d’s words are contained within Him even after he utters them, in the same way a human’s words are contained within him before he utters them.

Got your brain in knots? That’s because G‑d’s “speech” functions very differently than a human’s, and calling G‑d’s words “speech” is, well, just a figure of speech.

Tanya Bit: I only exist because G‑d is recreating me at this very moment.

(Inspired from Chapter 21 of Tanya)