We all have those moments as parents. Your kid comes home 15 minutes later than he was told or doesn’t want to get into pajamas. You ask him not to jump in the rain puddles right now or eat a certain food. The child doesn’t want to comply or demands an explanation, and you respond with “because I said so.” There are times when a child needs to learn simple obedience and recognize his parents’ authority. Regardless of what the request was, those words encompass it all.

There were two fundamental rules—or commandments—that we heard directly from G‑d Himself, as they include in them all the positive and negative commandments in the Torah. “I am the L-rd your G‑d” includes all positive mitzvot, for by following His will, I am saying that G‑d is #MYG‑d. I am affirming my belief that there is nothing and no one else other than G‑d, and that even my own existence or desires are but nothing compared to Him. I accept the command and G‑d himself. Because He is the ultimate authority, and He said so.

“You Shall Have No Other G‑ds” includes not committing any sin because there is no “other” than G‑d; therefore, I do not transgress even one of His commands.

Tanya Bit: Every mitzvah I do reaffirms my belief in G‑d’s Oneness, and that there is nothing else besides Him.

(Inspired from Chapter 20 of Tanya)