Some people inherit riches, and some people inherit properties. Some businesses are even bequeathed to a number of generations. As a Jew, you have been granted an inheritance as well. It’s not a financial one,Some people inherit riches, some inherit properties but a spiritual one. Your soul is spiritually predisposed to something of a spiritual nature—an inborn faith and love of G‑d, inherited from your forefathers.

One way of serving G‑d with emotions is to contemplate G‑dliness, arousing deep and passionate feelings of love and awe, enough to motivate an ardent service of G‑d. However, when you are short on headspace or ability, there’s another route to revealing love of G‑d. Not by creating a new love of G‑d that never existed before, but by revealing a latent love of G‑d that resides in the soul of every Jew by the mere fact that we descend from Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. As a reward for their selfless service of G‑d, the forefathers merited that each of their descendants would inherit this love, regardless of whether they are observant or not.

An expression of this are the examples of Jews throughout history who gave up their lives rather than denounce their faith. They may have not known much about their heritage, but they unknowingly acted on the light vested in their souls in the form of an illogical, yet inherent faith in one G‑d.

Tanya Bit: “This thing is very near to you.” Love of G‑d is very near to you, for it is already in your heart.

(Inspired from Chapter 18 of Tanya)