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Courage Under Fire

The Legacy of Liviu Librescu

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Courage Under Fire: The Legacy of Liviu Librescu

One year ago, on April 16, 2007, amidst horror and heartbreak of the Virginia Tech Massacre, the courage of one man who gave his life to save his students awed and inspired people all over the world.
Terrorism, Virginia-Tech Massacre (2007), Librescu, Liviu

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Pauline Norcross Nawroth August 5, 2012

Re: Prof.Librescu. Thank you, David Lloyd Jones. I could not say it any better than you have. Reply

Nan Jones Granite Falls, NC/USA June 14, 2010

A Sacrifice of Love I sat crying as I watched this video. Thank you for sharing a video with such a profound message. I have a deep love for my Jewish brothers and sisters (I am a Christian) - this film increases my appreciation for you even more. I pray for you and for Israel, that God will bless you and protect you and that He would use me to help you, if need be.

Blessings, Reply

A soldier in G-d's army NY, NY December 31, 2009

A real Hero Words are only effective in the short term. Action gives meaning and live to them. In his memory we should live our lives in a more meaningful way, reflecting professor Librescu's actions.
What a great loss. such a special soul. How can we make a difference?
We all have an obligation to continue what was started. all it takes is to really care. Reply

David Lloyd-Jones Toronto, Canada May 24, 2008

Professor Librescu's Nobility I do not believe that Professor Libescu suddenly rose to greatness at the moment he held that door: it seems to me that his holdin that door was a simple and automatic extension of the values he lived by every day. That day happened to include four bullets: well, you win some, you lose some.

The challenge to the rest of us, and my challenge to myself, is to live every day so that if it ever comes down to a moment like that I shall act simply and automatically as the magnificent Professor Librescu did. Reply

Marc Librescu Irvine, CA April 17, 2008

Thank you for your tribute For most of my life, I had never known of another person with the last name of Librescu other than my parents and my brother, although we knew that my great-grandfather left family in Romania when he left around the turn of the century. With the advent of the Internet, we had discovered Liviu's family living here in the US. My father spoke to him on the phone and they worked out that they must be second cousins. I had been in touch with Liviu by e-mail. When I first heard of this tragedy, I was going to e-mail him to make sure he was ok. But I didn't, because I thought, what are the odds that he was involved. Then I heard more information and it was hard to believe. I watched this short film and all I could do was cry. G-d bless. Reply