In the Beilis trial of 1913, false accusations of ritual murder were leveled against the Jewish people generally, and the chassidic movement specifically. This documentary vividly reconstructs the events as they unfolded, through a series of interviews with experts, alongside period photographs and press clippings.

Featuring (in order of appearance): Robert Weinberg, Professor of History at Swarthmore College, PA, and author of Blood Libel in Late Imperial Russia: The Ritual Murder Trial of Mendel Beilis (Indiana University Press, 2013); Edmund Levin, Writer and Producer at ABC News, and author of A Child of Christian Blood: Murder and Conspiracy in Tsarist Russia—The Beilis Blood Libel (Schocken, 2014); Jay Beilis, grandson of Mendel Beilis; and Eli Rubin, research writer and editor at