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The Megillah - Behind the Scenes


The Megillah - Behind the Scenes

Watch and learn how a real Megillah is made as we visit a real Sofer - expert scribe.
Torah Scribe, Scroll of Esther

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Janis Kohlenberg Wisconsin February 23, 2013

Megillah I am a 73 year old grandma, and I loved watching it too! Reply

Anonymous Denver, Co USA March 16, 2011

THE MEGILLAH -- BEHIND THE SCENES! Love those quill pens! They remind American me of 1776, when the Founding Fathers signed the Declaration of Independence, and the Bill of Rights and the US Constitution was written soon after! (Happy Purim To All -- And To All A Good Night!) Reply

Queen Esther March 3, 2009

Great job--thanks! You should find some really good supporters for the noble, good work you do! Reply

Ariella Meyerowitz via March 23, 2008

Megilla Was hoping it was made with Rabbi Teichtel like the hilarious one with the Shofar blowing Reply

Brina Gonzalez Cincinnati, OH via March 18, 2008

Megillah Great-- my two-year-old loves watching it!!! Reply

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