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Art Through Felicia’s Eyes

An incredible story at the Friendship Circle’s art studio

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Art Through Felicia’s Eyes: An incredible story at the Friendship Circle’s art studio

Born with cerebral palsy and confined to a wheelchair, Felicia Bowers has limited control over her body. She cannot speak and rather uses a retina-controlled device called Tobii to communicate. But the 27 year old from West Bloomfield is drawing incredible portraits that make people stop and stare. And she's doing it in a way no one ever expected – with her eyes!
Art, Disability, Friendship Circle, Children and People with Special Needs

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Anonymous PALO ALTO via chabadchayil.org August 19, 2018

Never say never!
My prayers are always for Hashem to send the giving shluchim to raise the neshamah.
Felicia is a perfect example of harmonious sharing!
Thank you! Reply

Danielle Dy-Liacco Philippines July 7, 2018

Amazing! Does Felicia have an Instagram or any other online presence? I'd love to see more of her work :) Reply