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Security from a Higher Source

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Security from a Higher Source

Rabbi Binyomin Klein, a member of the Rebbe’s secretariat, tells the story behind an improptu talk of the Rebbe in 1990 on a global terrorist threat.
Terrorism, Lubavitcher Rebbe
Security from a Higher Source
Disc 84, Program 336

Event Date: 28 Nissan 5750 - April 23, 1990
Living Torah

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Norman Hauptman April 30, 2022

All nec tools are to be used to deter danger, including “Love your neighbor as thyself “. I ask “Does this directive refer to all humanity.”?

Please justify your answer succinctly. Reply

Eliezer Zalmanov for May 2, 2022
in response to Norman :

The Hebrew word "re'acha" means "your fellow" -- that it is someone equal to you, a fellow Jew. But of course, all of humanity must be treated with dignity and respect. Reply

Anonymous Maroubra, Australia March 8, 2011

Sharing How good, how inspirational, how helpful would it be if we could share these little gems of wisdom on our walls on facebook. Thus allowing others, Jews & non Jews alike to see that faith/trust and prayer is really so practical. So many non Jews read the psalms as well. Thank you for sharing this Reply

Carmen March 8, 2011

Changing fast for Tzedakah is a good idea... Changing fast for Tzedakah is a good idea... when the fast is not Yom Kippur or the Fast of Esther. Reply

Benzion Landa Vancouver, canada via March 7, 2011

The Rebbe, OBM If it wasn't for the Rebbe, G-d and the mother, I wouldn't have my children. I can't thank the Rebbe enough. Reply

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