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The Fogel Family Remembered

Parents and Siblings of the Murdered Couple Speak

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The Fogel Family Remembered: Parents and Siblings of the Murdered Couple Speak

Home video footage of the Itamar family is interspersed with words from the mourners.
Massacre in Itamar (2011)

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FLORIDIANS FOR THE SAFETY & SECURITY OF ISRAEL Miami, FL via mbjewish.com December 10, 2012

MOURNING WITHOUT END We are so inconsolable at the taking of these baeutiful, wondeful Fogel family members.


Anonymous Somewhere, USA April 11, 2011

Murdering Innocents The world turns its back...the world refuses to see...the world is too busy, too uncaring...the Evil that is trying to undo G-d's work is constantly on the rampage. The Truth is twisted and trampled. This unspeakable act is another in a long, long litany of savage, vicious, barbaric attacks against innocents. One does not have to be Jewish to mourn the loss of an entire beautiful family who were so full of Love of Torah and Life. Why G-d, Why???? How much longer will You allow this savagery to go on against Your people? Your Beloved are constantly being tested. Israel, A "Light Unto All the Nations". We must all of us, from every nation, no matter our religious preference, boldly rise up and condemn these terrorist acts for what they are. Total Evil and Brutality. Singly and then together, All our voices, will fill the air and a Just G-d will hear ALL our cries. Evil will be irradicated once and fo ALL. I am so terribly sorry for your loss. Reply

Anonymous Accord, New York April 11, 2011

There are no words, just tears! The Mossiach needs to come immediately. I will continue to pray for peace of Israel and her people. Reply

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