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Am I My Brother’s Keeper?

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Am I My Brother’s Keeper?

A timely and incisive discovery about the foundational biblical cornerstone; “Do not stand by as your fellow’s blood is being shed.” Presented in Toronto on the day after a horrific vehicular terrorist attack kills 10 innocent pedestrians on the peaceful city streets. This profound rumination about the extent of responsibility for others carefully scrutinizes the Oral Torah’s sacred teachings that accompany the scripture; concluding with a climatic analysis of Rashi’s unique commentary as illuminated by the Rebbe. This dissertation also offers critical commentary on the dangerous state of affairs in the Western World and its glaring lack of moral clarity!
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Morality; Ethics; Values, Murder, Self Defense, Terrorism, Kedoshim, Acharei-Kedoshim

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Rita Forbes MD April 26, 2018

Hello, Rabbi Kaplan

I consider "Am I My Brother's Keeper" to be your best Torah study to date. It was passionate, scholarly, engaging, and it could resonate on the hearts of peoples' experiences not only nationally, but globaly as well as with all cultures, ethnicities and all socioecomic statuses. I appreciate how your presentation incorporated Torah scriptures with the core of rabbinic guidance, and the refinery of the Hebrew language. Know that I join my prayers with the Chabad community, Canadians and those who are in their hour of bereavement.

Am I Your Brother's Keeper was so well presented that it could extend outside the Chabad community and be very well received because it touches upon the inclination of the heart of mankind and brings understanding how the power of LOVE protects, comforts, and cares for our brothers and sisters, and overcomes evil with good. This is LOVE in action.

This is the TRUE LOVE of G-d. Thank you for allowing G-d to use you in a dynamic way. Reply

Mendel Kaplan Thornhill April 30, 2018
in response to Rita Forbes:

Your kind words are gratefully appreciated... Reply

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