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Wake the Dawn

The Story of Jerusalem's Holy Temple

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Wake the Dawn: The Story of Jerusalem's Holy Temple

"Wake the Dawn" is a documentary film depicting the history and significance of the Temple, through the eyes of the Talmud and Jewish tradition. Written and Directed by Chaim Clorfene.
Holy Temple

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Marta Sousa de Carr Pasadena, Ca, USA August 16, 2018

I was wondering to myself why wasn't other commentaries. If this video is so powerful since star to end. The moon, the pious man everything touched my heart.
But had have to listening several times because wasn't easy to listen
I was thinking that was me.
Thanks anonymous for your observation about the sound. Reply

Anonymous August 15, 2018

15:38 audio and graphic of the mikdash I think you got the windows backwards. S/B narrower inside and wider outside so the light from within spreads out. Reply

Marta Sousa de Carr Pasadena, Ca, USA July 8, 2018

For me this is story of loyalty. From inside of my heart: thanks for be loyal to our Creator. Reply

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