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How To Make a Shofar

An insider's tour of an authentic shofar factory in Israel

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How To Make a Shofar: An insider's tour of an authentic shofar factory in Israel

Discover the different kinds of shofars used on Rosh Hashanah the world over and get an inside look into how they’re crafted.

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Shoshanna Pa-17110 July 20, 2015

My Birthday The shofar is something special to me because I was born on the 2nd of Tishrei 5761 (October 1st,2000) It's something special to have your birthday on the holiday of such a special holiday. Reply

Shaul Wolf June 30, 2015

Re: widening Shofar A Shofar can be widened by drilling out some of the mouthpiece. This, however, is a delicate job and should be done by a professional, as the Shofar may crack. A trumpet mouthpiece may not be placed into the Shofar, because a) it results in there being a separation between the mouth of the one blowing and the Shofar and b) it alters the sound of the Shofar. Reply

David Chester Petach Tikva, Israel June 30, 2015

Different Shofar Sounds and Prices Do the different length shofars have different typical sounds? Could you show this in an improved video?

I have found that in Israel, the cheapest short-length Shofar costs about 100 NIS (Shequels) whilst the most elaborate and long curvy kind can cost more that ten times this sum. If properly made both are usable, so its a matter of tradition. Reply

David Ho Singapore June 29, 2015

widening the mouth piece of the yemenite shofar Hi,
Can anyone advise me on how to widen the mouth piece of my shofar so that it is easier to blow. I was told that some put in a trumpet mouth piece. I check this out but the stem of the trumpet mouth piece is too large in diameter to fit into the shofar mouth piece. I cannot drill to widen the shofar mouth piece bcos it will crack/break. Please advise for those who have done it, thanlks and blessings. Reply

suzy hander woodland hills, ca September 23, 2014

The film about the Shofar was outstsanding. I played it twice. I didn't know there were so many types. What a wonderful experience it must be to make one. Reply

David Chester Petach-Tikva, Israel September 23, 2014

Technical detail missing You do not show how the mouth-piece of the shofar should be shaped.
According to my understanding:
1. the hole is first drilled and it is about 6 centimeters in diameter, as illustrated in the video.
2.The mouth-piece consists of a ball-like or hemi-spherical depression like the mouthpiece of a trumpet, allowing the compressed lips of the player to pass a fine (flattened) stream of air into the horn. The size of this hemi-spherical depression should suit the person who is to play the instrument, which is one reason why some people have difficulty. Reply

Sam USA September 22, 2014

What do they do with the inner soft tissue after they take it out of the horn? Reply

David Esparza October 30, 2013

that was great I learned something today thank you Reply

Irene Esparza Lubbock September 26, 2012

The Shofar I enjoyed this video and learned so much.
Shalom! Reply

Jordan Jay August 29, 2010

Lovely. Thank you! Reply

Benjamin Vela Citrus Springs, Florida September 19, 2009

My children enjoyed My sons enjoyed learning how shofars are made, Yohanan and Talyah want a shofar for the family, soon in our Heavenly Father time we will get one, blessing as this day we have heard the shofar sound. Reply

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