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The Greatest Shofar of All and the 6-Day-War

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The Greatest Shofar of All and the 6-Day-War

"And it will come to pass on that day that the great shofar will sound...” The prophecy goes on to describe the in-gathering of Jews 'lost' and 'dispersed' in exile, as they return to Jerusalem in the final redemption. This class will explore the profound meaning of the “sound of the great shofar” and will reveal the startling and exhilarating secret that the sound has already begun. (Based on the Maamar V'hayah Bayom Hahu 5728)
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Six-Day War, Rosh Hashanah, Shofar

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Bea Western NY September 20, 2017

Oh my goodness and to you good man... blessings to you and yours this Shanah. Wonderful share, as always, nicely and deeply explained. Reply

This class analyzes an aspect of the weekly Torah portion or upcoming holiday. While providing a basic understanding of the subject matter, the lesson delves into its deeper and more complex dimensions with emphasis on the spiritual relevance to our daily lives. Inspiration for both the novice and advanced student.
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