So strange.

We trust that He is good, and that all He does is good.

Yet we pray. Because to us things don’t look so good. After all, His goodness is so distant from us. Beyond our understanding. Far beyond.

If so, shouldn’t we simply continue to trust? To surrender to a higher understanding?

Yet He asks us to pray. To complain and to kvetch. And He listens. And He answers our prayers.

Because this is what He most desires from us: that we make room for Him in our lives, in all that matters to us as flesh and blood human beings.

And that begins when we share with Him those things that touch us most deeply. Deep within our hearts.

“Serve G‑d, your G‑d, with all your heart,” the Torah says. The sages ask, “What kind of service do you do with your heart?”

And they answer, “Prayer.”

Pour out your heart to Him. It is the one place He can enter only once you let Him in.