If I wished to find all that is real and true at its very core, I would not find it in the ecstasy of the prayer of the devoted, nor in the epiphanies of the enlightened.

I would not find it in the deeds of the righteous, nor in the love and kindness of those who live in harmony.

There I would find a blinding light, an infinite light—but I would not find G‑d Himself.

If I wished to find G‑d as He is at His essence, beyond all light and darkness, beyond the infinite and the boundless,
I would come to the place of those who struggle daily to escape their muck and mire,
those who labor to pierce the wall of their prison so that even a glimmer of light could break through,
and even as they fail, try again and again.

For this labor all light was created. To the aid of this struggle G‑d Himself descends.

When those prison walls are pierced, the Creator exclaims, “It was worth it, all this creation, it was worth it for this alone!”

Maamar Ani L’dodi 5726.