As A Child

Ten Meditations on the Child Within
From the Upcoming Book, "Wisdom to Heal the Earth"
This is a revolution that is forever: When we can hear the deepest wisdom in the voice of a child.
The wise person begins each day as a small child.
The adult shows the child how to live life wisely. The child shows the adult how to live it to its fullest.
The child demands a fair and perfect world. And the child is right.
Teach like a small child who has just made a discovery.
Whatever a child is doing, there is the child, all the child. Be a child.
When a child wants something, he wants it now. Want Moshiach now.
Whatever you embrace as a child lasts forever. Never stop being a child.
A child gives love for the sake of love. So can we.
To live is to delight in life, like a child.
A child raised with kindness creates a kind world. A child raised with reverence and wonder creates a wondrous world.
The real power is within. A good teacher only triggers the chain reaction.
If you know alef-bet, teach alef-bet. If you know only alef, teach someone alef.
Wisdom truly heard is new every time it is heard again.
A real teacher is one who leaves his world for the world of his student and learns from there.
A teacher must go to the student and say, “Why don’t you bother me, my student? Ask me. Speak to me.”
Make It Your Own
Only once you have made it yours, then you can give it to others.
In the simplicity of the child’s imagination is a truth the adult can only envy.
Within every human soul breathes a child of G-d.
G-d loves you unconditionally. But He still wants you to grow up.
All our philosophy grasps for what a small child means when he prays to G‑d. But as soon as we grasp, it is gone.