The Talmud states that when a student is exiled, his teacher must be exiled with him. Not simply go with him. He must be exiled with him.

Which tells us: If you want to give your student that which you have learned, you cannot stay in your universe and speak to a student who lives in another. You must leave your own space and enter that of your student.

If your student cannot understand, you too do not understand.

If your student has failed, it is your failure.

If your student lives in a world of dreams, be part of that dream.

If your student has wandered far astray, go far from your space; feel the loneliness of distance. Wander with him.

Teach in this way and you can bring even the most distant student to your own level of understanding. And yet higher.

You will learn from this student that which no teacher could have ever taught you.

Likutei Sichot, volume 29, pg. 39.