The Holy Ari, Rabbi Yitzchak Luria, taught that each of G‑d's creations, no matter how lowly, is sustained by a heavenly spark. That spark yearns to reconnect to its source—which can only happen when a human being will use it for a heavenly purpose.

If so, why does the world fight back against our every effort to rescue it, to reveal its true meaning?

It doesn’t. Nothing stands in our way. A created being cannot oppose its own destiny.

The resistance is an illusion of our limited perception. As hard as we might try, we will not be able to understand why the world is behaving the way it does. The sparks themselves do not know. Because the purpose of each thing is a mystery that has yet to enter reality.

So that it is not the sparks that resist, neither is it the world enlivened by those sparks.

It is only our own sense of self, the only free agent, that says, “I will do this mitzvah. I will redeem the divine.”