Meditations on Exile

You will not find G‑d by abandoning all that He put under your care.
Cure hatred without reason. Do kindness beyond reason.
Unconditional love begins at home, and from there it spreads to the entire world.
Getting to G-dliness
Immersed in received knowledge of the higher realms, secluded from the confusion of humankind and earthly pleasures, there comes a day when the prophet hears with his ears the voice that brings all into being; he sees with his eyes the splendor of that light. But that is not yet G‑dliness.
Light has two places of its glory: In the heavens above, and in a yearning heart below.
If there is anything to fear, it is that we may make peace with all that is bad and ugly in this world.
Darkness is not our place. But we are led there to uncover treasure.
Light awaits you to release it from its prison.