Yom Kippur Meditations

The ultimate delight is when your child does it all on his own.
Without forgiveness, there is no friendship, no love.
The night is past. It is afternoon before Shabbat.
We have cried enough bitter tears. Now is time to return with joy.
Time Travel
You don’t need a time machine to change your past. You just need to change the direction it is sending you.
Torn apart, we discover we are one.
Self-pity lies to you about who you are, and steals from you who you can be.
There is no failure that can’t be turned around.
Call out from the depths of your heart, and the depths of heaven ring.
Failure is when you’re given a chance to do the unexpected.
Life is about yearning. A good life is about yearning for good things.
I haven’t fallen down. I’m crouching before I leap.
All the world was formed from G‑d’s delight. There is nothing else.
If life hands you a script, write a better one.
Change our hearts and a new world will appear.
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