Powerful waves pound my thrashing heart…
The vast expanse endlessly overlapping horizons;
At one with the universe,
Harmonizing sounds and color
Into a meticulously crafted canvas-
Spectacular sight, beauty, dominance
Masterfully entwined - an endless natural vista.

Immense Rocks, ragged boulders etching coastlines
Sunshine bouncing off clear beach sand,
Imaging creation, nothing other exists….
I face the sea,
Eyes to the heavens, back to the world
Encompassing the element themselves …

Fiercely passionate waves, voicing eternal songs -
A masterful symphony played in idyllic harmony;
G‑d’s opus, composed with perfection and grace.
I breathe the music, repeating the respire-
Filling my essence - peace, tranquility, silence –

Serenity illuminates my being
Stilling the volcanic uproar of my tortured soul,
Awkward silence, not yet aware,
Self conscious, clumsy discomfort-
Of one, outwardly peaceful woman
Just standing, gripping firmly at life.

No one sees, no one knows
The furor tumultuously churning inside;
Disturbance of life and death;
Choosing momentarily to stay
Scrutinizing reasons for life.

The sea calms my burning ache
Calming, consoling, soothing,
Reassuring thoughts that G‑d is One
Who encouragingly comforts, guides and supports.

The Sea it pounds my throbbing heart,
Expanse overlaps horizons
At one with the universe
Harmonizing sounds and color
I glimpse the meaning of my life.