Before G‑d made me
what was I?
And how did I arise
in His longing?
Was I a dash, a smudge
a ray within the sun?
And once I came
into being, was it painful?
Did I feel the suction, expelled
into reality, G‑d
turning His back to me?
Or did I taste the subtle
love like honey in bitter
tea? That the whole world
was created for me.
So I could turn around
and pound
on the silvery gates of
My lover’s palace.
Father, let me in!
I’ve been a soul so long.
So many lifetimes of digging
deep into the being-ness
Let me back in
to oneness-ness
where it is me as You,
in You, whole once again.
and it will be better than
For I will be full of longing
satiated, distance shortened
home after a long journey
laden with gifts and delicacies
knowing my soul’s intricacies
basking in Your infinity

I accept this life’s difficulties.