Dear G‑d,

I awoke this morning

I am breathing. I am alive.

With each breath I take, I hear You whispering:

“You are my precious G‑dly soul, sent to Earth anew each day.

To elevate

To refine

To do a mitzvah.”

Raba Emunatecha: “I have tremendous faith in you,” says G‑d.

Yes, G‑d has tremendous faith in me.

He sees into the light of my soul

Sees the mission that He entrusted me with

One that my soul, only my soul can accomplish.

With each mitzvah I do, I radiate a holy light into the world around me.

I connect with the Infinite, with the Shechinah (Divine presence) itself.

And no one can ever take that away from me.

My value is essential; inherent to who I am at my core.

As I breathe my first breaths of this new day.

I breathe in the faith that G‑d has in me

And breathe out the faith I have in Him.

Now G‑d, I will contemplate a mitzvah, a baby step of a mitzvah,

That I can take upon myself

To fulfill this mission of the soul you breathed back into me today

For that is my true value

That is my real worth.

Thank you, dear G‑d.