Part I: How Shall I Dance

How shall I dance
before my younger sister?

How shall I dance
between the piles
of fresh new linens
embroidered with her name
instead of mine?

How shall I dance
as I put the final stitches
in her golden hair coverings?

How shall I dance
around the goats,
my eyes weary,
and not tread on thorns?

How shall I dance before her
while she wears the dress
meant for me?

Can Rachel hear the herds pleading
as I stay silent?

Part II: The Wedding

My sister Rachel
dances before me –
She and father laugh!
I and my husband
have our secret signs
symbols of the strength
of our sons-to-be.

I first married.
My husband,
no longer the follower,
also first-born,
will teach me
how to thank Him
over and over.

We will lead
the new flocks
and be buried
as one.

And someday
I will dance
before my younger sister.