An illustrious scholar,
articulate and erudite
espouses wisdom
as the cameras roll

His bookcase, displayed in the background,
boasts scholarly tomes — and also — the unmistakable black on yellow print, shouting:

Jewish History for Dummies

Dareth scholar humor his disciples?

Maybe t’was a premeditated prop, an appeal to the layperson:

Even a dummy! can! learn! Jewish history.

But how very oxymoronic this title;
there are no dummies when it comes to Jewish history.

We know the Jewish people are a miraculous marvel
We have survived, against all odds, and emerged, with renewed strength time and time again

With seichel, our trademark seichel, and a hefty dose of mazal
As for the title, ’tis more aptly read:
Jewish? (Behold!)
His (and her)
Story (of)
Four (matriarchs: Sarah, Rivkah Rachel and Leah; three patriarchs: Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and their some 14 million offspring — none of which are)