Poems About Spirituality

My Morning ‘Modeh Ani’ Meditation
With each breath I take, I hear You whispering: “You are my precious G‑dly soul, sent to Earth anew each day.”
Feeling G-d’s Presence: Stopping My Mind From Wandering During Prayer
My thoughts took me anywhere and everywhere except to the words of the prayers. The trouble was, I was forgetting before Whom I stand.
Before G-d Made Me, What Was I?
Before G-d made me, what was I? And how did I arise in His longing? Was I a dash, a smudge, a ray within the sun?
Soul Retrieval
When did you hide
the smoldering embers of your soul
in the stifling closet of propriety?
Was it when you tasted
the pride of peer embrace,
that cast you in a less than suitable space,
of sterile proportions?
Wintry Night
Winter has stolen
life from the trees
she can only admire
the foliage from afar
the vibrant images caught
in so many pictures
hold no meaning
Junctures of Light - Bereishit
Upon a world of darkness and of waste
G‑d spoke the word of light, and light blazed forth
Junctures of Light: Noah
Amid the floods of time and human tears
We must endeavor still to keep afloat
Our soul’s small vessel, which, however fraught
With multifarious animal passengers
That clamor to be fed, whose roaring note
Junctures of Light: Lech Lecha
Out of the crucible of his first test
From Ur Kasdim, obeying G‑d’s command,
Walked Avraham to find the Promised Land.
Wherever he went, he made G‑d manifest.
Junctures of Light: Chayei Sarah
The fifth Torah portion is referred to by the words “Chayei Sarah” (the life of Sarah).
The Garden of Wisdom
Ethics of our Fathers Part I
A poetic paraphrase of Pirkei Avot based on the explanations of the Lubavitcher Rebbe.
The Garden of Wisdom, Part II
Pirkei Avot
A poetic paraphrase of Pirkei Avot based on the explanations of the Lubavitcher Rebbe
Sonnet on Rachel’s Tomb
O Mother Rachel, if indeed your tomb Holds, even now, a reservoir of power For Jewish hearts, then send us in this hour.
We live, thriving, in the fleeting moment,
constantly striving to capture the next . . .
The Turning of the Leaves
Like the turning colors of the leaves
I accept my seasons;
Knowing G-d gave me Joy, challenges
All for His perfect reasons.

Today I Am a Pot
When I was a potter,
some pots needed orphanages,
whether birthed or aborted, a mistake.
Too raw, I recycled them into
mud once more, back to the earth.
Her tears quench the soil her children once tilled Along the border, their voices now stilled, Her voice rises highest...
May the Words of Tehillim...
Adulate endless yearnings like a "roaring fire"
Bolster the emblem of the highest virtue
Create the high possibilities for the neshama
I turned inward to gaze at my own majestic soul beauty. Embedded in my DNA is the homing device that leads me inward and upward to my own personal destiny...
Shabbat Day
Skies of other worlds
In the blue-bright air,
Sides of houses
Edge eternity
Digging Deeper
You’re not someone I’ve always known
At least, I didn’t think so.
I knew Your things...
Friday Night Lights
She strikes the match,
Her concentration as intense as the flame.
As the candle wicks flare
Her heart fills with joy.
Chanukah, After Annapolis
In winter darkness we are called to light
These candles of remembrance and of cheer.
My Mother, My Mirror
I used to blame her for the problems of the world.
Held her responsible for my pain and cursed her.
If I were in her shoes, I said singing the blues,
I would have definitely done better than she did.
Embracing the Holy Waters
Warmth envelops me as I enter the water
Security and comfort wrap their arms around me
Time stops as the Divine light embraces the Holy waters
A union of the two worlds converge in this sacred space...
When I was small
a journey lay ahead
too quickly growing up
my mind's eye
expanded and shrank
walking on the narrow bridge...
Coming Home
Walking through the hot desert, barefoot and tired.
Emptiness inside, my soul baring the pain of being lost.
The Two Lights
We are the women of two lights
Mothers, Daughters, Wives alike
We strive, we toil, we care and we pray
The day of rest we honor by lighting the way
Promised Land
Oh promised land
Beholding my heart in your bosom
Engraving my name on your soil
Oh promise me…
Chana's Song
Held tightly in the heart, patiently it clung
A silent tefillah, a song unsung
Be Strong, My children, for it won't be long
Before the world will embrace the light of Chana's son
The Power of Prayer
The power of prayer
elicits concise
requests at their ebb
False Humility
A mirror lay bare on the wall, forsaken
Its master has not taken the time to awaken
Though flooded with emotions, but none of them sure
Laying seeds to thoughts just short of pure
A Moment With You
Spend a moment with You,
A moment of nothing to begin with,
Another moment to spend with You,
Strange are the sands of time
Drifting through the ages
Winds shifting them
From valleys to hilltops
Yet sands remain sands
A place where G-d's name is glorified,
Soulful and selfless,
All objects within have a purpose,
No excess, just access to the bigger picture,
Gentle, warm, colorful, upbeat.
I Think About You
Lying here on my bed,
In the midst of the night
Wide awake to the beauty
And power of your love
With my heartfelt prayers...
Your Footsteps
I went looking for your footsteps Princess, mother In the sands of yesterday-- But how would I find them?
These Things I Bring
I bring to You, These feet of mine - Broken, hurtful, Yet willing to walk to You
Me, We, You
Cast a glow on the water.
Reach for the heavens
Under a wavy canopy.
The ebb and flow reflects
Rhythms in my life
What is in a Name?
What is in a name?
Once a mountain
Reaching up to the heights
Life Through Spirituality
I am me, Life through spirituality.
Peace will revive me, One Day.
Smiles will shine upon my face.
A Tree Beyond Time
Evolved, flowering and blessed, stands the tree of truth,
Lingering blossoms of a spring, passed into summer,
Spreading perfume into the cool air of a balmy night,
On the Outskirts of Heaven
Sun kissed streets glowing,
leading to a majestic wall
where thousands of years unfold,
There it stands tall
Navel of the Universe
When the earth was first conceived
In the mind of G-d
When the universe was no more than
a whispered, "Let There Be,"
A Woman of Valor
A woman of valor makes the world change
Her strength is the content that guides through the days
Defined by her actions that bring light to all dreams
Valor is something that's defined by her deeds.
The Lighthouse
Brushing the evening clouds
With strokes of passion
Commanding my soul to shine
My lighthouse
A prophetess and a leader, who stood by the water. She led the women and danced. Influenced her parents to remarry so the people could be renewed, and carried a spring for the people who were thirsty for a new time.
Sarah Cries
My husband did not tell me
He was taking my son,
My only son, born in my ninety-first year –
They have disappeared now for three long days –
I panic – where did they go?
The Sea
Powerful waves pound my thrashing heart…
The vast expanse endlessly overlapping horizons;
At one with the universe,
Harmonizing sounds and color
Into a meticulously crafted canvas-
How Shall I Dance?
How shall I dance
before my younger sister? How shall I dance
Baalam Seeing
He didn't see what she saw,
his job got in the way
while hers was much simpler;
to carry him on the road