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Something inside my head is trying to remind me to be grateful for this little guy, but at 2:30 am, all I want to be grateful for is my bed.
The Dance of the Dreaded Dish Towels
As I formulate my battle plan to beat the morning rush, I ponder an old, unanswered question. What is it that drives dish towels to the floor from whichever spot they are hung or perched?
Facing My Decision: Why Stay Religious?
I was sure that my future would not hold the religious beliefs I had grown up with. To me, the rules and guidelines I was forced to keep in school were all that was keeping me religious.
A Rite of Passage for a Boy With ADHD
The night we met with the cantor, my almost-13-year-old son announced: “I’m a scientist, and also I’m an atheist.”
Why I Pray Every Day
I start my day stressed out, and it usually progresses that way until bedtime. ..
There Will Be No Tears?
I demand of my heart, no tears at Auschwitz.
Permanently Attached to My Wedding Ring
It has to be simple and unadorned, but its significance is far from simple.
What She Saw in the Mirror
Interesting, she didn’t say that she’s tired or overwhelmed or overworked, but weak; the woman actually thinks that she is weak.
Three Passages to Inspire Serenity
I’ve read the Tehillim portion in English on trains, buses, in Starbucks coffee shops and anywhere necessary to stick to my commitment.
My Tantrum With G-d
I can handle your tantrum because I know three things with absolute certainty.
Finding G-d
I believe in G‑d. Even before I became Torah observant, I felt His hand dancing through the events of my life. I saw purpose behind both the good and the bad, the happy and the painful.
Trying to Stand Steady After a Childhood Adrift
I found myself in a murky world, sailing around and around and around in excruciating circles. There was often no seashore in sight.
Why G-d Didn't Let Me Make My Flight
I woke up feeling like I shouldn’t fly. And while I know people who’ve altered their plans on a feeling, I was never one of them; I refused to let fear make my choices.
What My Fitbit Taught Me
This tiny watch has actually taught me something valuable about the way we approach our lives on a daily basis.