1. What I think of you will contribute to what you think of you.
  2. It’s not the grade, but the effort made.
  3. A sincere heart can accomplish what a raised voice cannot.
  4. The best way to earn respect is to be respectful.
  5. Treat each school day as if it were the first day.
  6. Every day is the stuff memories are made of, so make it a good one!
  7. A teacher’s power is to empower!
  8. If the brilliant commentator Rashi could say, Aini Yoda’a (“I don’t know”), so can I.
  9. When my students laugh and joke, it reminds me that I’m not too old to do the same.
  10. My enthusiasm is contagious; they catch it!
  11. I can expect respect because of my position, but I must earn respect for who I am.
  12. Children can smell hypocrisy from a mile away.
  13. My student is imperfect. That makes two of us.
  14. If my students correct my mistakes, that means that they are paying attention.
  15. To incorporate information into our daily lives, we must be able to see the connection between the two.
  16. I am not inherently greater than them. I am older, and hopefully, wiser.
  17. Our salaries are not commensurate with our work, but the merits are.
  18. The ones who push our buttons most are usually the ones who need us most.
  19. Speaking kindly to my students speaks louder than a dozen lessons on speaking kindly.
  20. Top-down teaching is far less effective than bottom-up learning.

When you thank me at the end of class, it reminds me why I do what I do. Because as challenging as teaching can be, it certainly brings out the best in me.