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My Strategy for Avoiding Drowning in Stress
When I leave the ark of my morning prayers, it’s a beautiful world—one that I can work with and add light to.
Feeling Financial Pressures
We equate money with security, success, power, comfort or self-esteem. It follows then that when we lack money, it feels like we lack everything that makes life worthwhile and meaningful.
My Tips For Minimizing Sibling Rivalry
Siblings. How do we understand the intense rivalry intertwined with unwavering loyalty
Money Matters in Relationships
What’s wrong with materialism, whose fault is it, and how can we fix it?
Lesson From Noah: Open the Window to the Good in Your Life
Is there a window of compassion and understanding that I haven’t opened? Can I see past my gut-instinct judgmentalism and allow myself to experience some of their light?
The Flood Within
Parshat Noach
Despite its violent and threatening nature, the flood is not just an enemy to be overcome or obliterated. It’s the very vehicle that pushes and elevates the ark to greater heights . . .
Can G-d and Facebook Be Friends?
Parshat Noach
According to the Zohar, the development of technology is conducive to spiritual growth and is actually a prelude to the coming of Moshiach.
Braving a New World - Part I
Noah, the Flood, and Transformation
One can well understand then that Noah was worried about bringing new life into the world. Why give birth, toil and work the program that living entails if all that is built could at a point in the future also be destroyed!?
Braving a New World - Part II
Finding the Leader Within
I've been a renegade since kindergarten. At university, the invite was to become a card-carrying member of (shhh… shhh) the Communist Party. And in my forties, the big-wide-world beckons that I fade the rebel's stain and dip myself in dyes of the Bourgeoisie. House, stocks, retirement fund… life insurance. All that stuff...
Braving a New World - Part III
Woman: The First Conqueror
I loved to play with my grandmother's matriyoshki, sweeping the set off the shelf and enclosing one within her mother until all that stood before me was the ancient matriarch of the set. Silent. Robust. Red. Fat and pregnant with maybe fifteen smaller versions of herself. It crosses my mind that these matriyoshki are a visual model for a secret of the universe...
Troublemaking Together
Parshat Noach
As a mother, I have a responsibility to teach my sons to do the right thing. But the right thing can mean, at least ephemerally, getting along and cooperating . . .
Looking at Yourself Through Others
Parshat Noach
Noach teaches a person a very fundamental lesson in interpersonal relationships — how to avoid saying negative things about other people, and how to avoid seeing negative things in other people.
Dealing With the Flood of Life
We may not be able to save the world, but we can build for ourselves an ark, a sanctum of time—protected and filled with meaning.
Can we make ourselves translucent to receive the light of spirituality even in our mundane, heavily packed and overworked schedules?
Looking Forward to a World Where All Beans Are Counted
How can it be that mere theft brought a much worse punishment than open rebellion against G‑d?
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